In the cycle lane

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There seems to be a lot of buzz recently about the new cycling manager game. Now I have checked out the website and there seems to be nothing but clips of people cycling around. My first thought was that this game was like one of those xbox olympics game where the person who won would be the one that pressed the x button the fastest. Therefore being a test of who is the biggest nerd who plays the most computer games. Well, it turns out this game actually surrounds the management side (who would have ever guessed from the title). I find it hard to be exited by the concept of managing a cycling team to victory. A tennis player perhaps, when I get to play the actual games and even a football player or football team with games such as Championship Manager.

Maybe my distaste for the concept is not shared by others as looking around I have found various gaming websites that have given a score of 7/10 or more for the game. I look forward to following this game and seeing how it performs in future. At the moment I’ll stick to playing Red Alert 3 and Championship Manager.