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I am in the market for a bicycle repair book, can you guys recommend anything?

I usually just use ehow but I think a physical reference guide would be useful. So far I think I will buy Mountain Bike Maintenance: The Illustrated Manual.

In other bits of news why gardening is more dangerous than cycling. The guardian have a long trend of posting articles about the safety of cycling when compared to other activities. I like their argument and it makes for a fantastic attention grabbing headline. They go along the reasoning that cyclists are likely to be healthier and considering the fairly low (though should not be ignored) number of cyclists killed each year they have an important point to make. After all as humans I think we find it hard to actually work out the numbers in our head. People should stop giving the excuse that its unsafe and start trying it out for themselves. A little bit of road sense can go a long way!

Finally one last link on you about adverts asking should cyclists pay road tax getting an angry response.