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I am in the market for a bicycle repair book, can you guys recommend anything?

I usually just use ehow but I think a physical reference guide would be useful. So far I think I will buy Mountain Bike Maintenance: The Illustrated Manual.

In other bits of news why gardening is more dangerous than cycling. The guardian have a long trend of posting articles about the safety of cycling when compared to other activities. I like their argument and it makes for a fantastic attention grabbing headline. They go along the reasoning that cyclists are likely to be healthier and considering the fairly low (though should not be ignored) number of cyclists killed each year they have an important point to make. After all as humans I think we find it hard to actually work out the numbers in our head. People should stop giving the excuse that its unsafe and start trying it out for themselves. A little bit of road sense can go a long way!

Finally one last link on you about adverts asking should cyclists pay road tax getting an angry response.


The absolutely fantastic blogger Fat Cyclist has an excellent, hilarious blog post on getting caught and summoned to court for throwing rocks off a cliff. It was a funny read and hard to believe it was true. In my student days I was summoned to court once for not paying our council tax. The truth is as student we don’t pay council tax. We had to go all the way to court to tell them that – it was the most ridiculous experience. It just goes to show crazy systems such as courts sometimes completely fail! Give the blog post a read if you fancy a laugh!

Sometimes I wonder why I stick with my Blackberry. I came across the bicycle iPhone apps listed on London Cyclist and I can only think how useful they would be. So I had a look around on the internet and could find some far less impressive apps that I won’t be using! If only mobile phones were like Windows

The perfect cycling app for my blackberry would have:

  • Good design – want it to be appealing to use
  • GPS tracking – want to track my route
  • Route export/import
  • Training diary so I can improve my performance
  • Some sort of Facebook app attached perhaps where I can compare my performance with my friends

Of course I could be on a worse phone – I could have a Windows Mobile one!

There seems to be a lot of buzz recently about the new cycling manager game. Now I have checked out the website and there seems to be nothing but clips of people cycling around. My first thought was that this game was like one of those xbox olympics game where the person who won would be the one that pressed the x button the fastest. Therefore being a test of who is the biggest nerd who plays the most computer games. Well, it turns out this game actually surrounds the management side (who would have ever guessed from the title). I find it hard to be exited by the concept of managing a cycling team to victory. A tennis player perhaps, when I get to play the actual games and even a football player or football team with games such as Championship Manager.

Maybe my distaste for the concept is not shared by others as looking around I have found various gaming websites that have given a score of 7/10 or more for the game. I look forward to following this game and seeing how it performs in future. At the moment I’ll stick to playing Red Alert 3 and Championship Manager.